Eric the Car Guy

Eric the Car Guy Provides Car How-To Video Guides to a Worldwide Audience

Eric Cook, also known as Eric Car Guy, is a Rosedale Technical College graduate who produces popular car repair videos for amateur and professional do-it-yourselfers. He’s an experienced mechanic who took up video production as a hobby. He turned his hobby, and his encyclopedic knowledge of cars, into a new venture that’s paid dividends not only for him, but for his subscribers too.

Car Repair

He now has more than half a million subscribers on YouTube and his videos have been viewed more than 104 million times!

As he explains on his website,, he prides himself on producing accurate, easy-to-follow videos that helps a worldwide audience. He’s recognized as the go-to car repair guy for anyone who needs an overview or has specific questions about certain makes and models. His website includes videos, video manuals, troubleshooting FAQs, tools, and a forum.

Below is a series of videos he created about his recent visits to his alma mater, Rosedale Tech.